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System Features


With Info Cubic's screening system, you can manage the whole employee screening process online with a broad range of capabilities including 24/7 access to completed or in-process employee background checks and real-time notification of delays or alerts.

Info Cubic also offers free web-based training for all of your staff members and locations that want help placing requests for employee screening services online. Your company also can simply fax the requests to us and you can still have online access to in-process reports, and completed reports. 

System Features:

  • Order and track background requests
  • Build your own screening packages
  • Review real-time status of searches
  • Receive reports directly via email
  • Archive reports for future reference
  • Receive invoices via email and online
  • Import online applications
  • Process adverse action letters
  • Pay invoice by credit cards
  • Immediate retrieval of archived reports
  • Order additional searches for an archived report
  • Add or modify user profile information
  • Obtain average turnaround time and total cost of report at time of placing order
  • Review and/or print current and past invoices
  • Share reports with other authorized recruiters and/or managers
  • Gather valuable screening statistics
  • Add or disable users

As mentioned above, Info Cubic Online has many time-saving, valuable tools. Below is a quick summary of some of the advantages Info Cubic Online offers:

Account Profiles

Info Cubic Online accommodates multiple locations for companies operating from 1 to 200 locations, Info Cubic Online will accommodate the specific needs of all employers and industries.

User Profiles

Info Cubic Online offers the ability to add or disable multiple users for any or all locations within a company. Each user has the ability to personalize their "account" and ordering and report delivery methods either by mail, email, fax, or online website.


Info Cubic Online was designed to offer clients a user friendly navigation menu to order screening reports. Upon login, the user has the ability to create multiple customized packages, select services individually, save defaults, add authorized users, update company contact information, etc.

Report Management

This function within Info Cubic Online provides clients and users the ability to locate and/or view requests (including those completed or in progress in REAL TIME format), print, save, archive reports for future reference, as well as instantly send messages to customer service representatives, add notes, and more.

Statistical Reports

Info Cubic Online allows users and administrators to query their account by day, week, month, year, or specific date range, to obtain statistical data as it pertains to number of applicants screened, average price per applicant, average turnaround times, percentage of applicants with criminal records and more. Real time statistical review by day, month, year. Statistical tracking by location, district, region, or corporation. Compare "hits" ratio by service type, by location, district, region, or corporation. Fully customizable statistical tools to mix and match your needs.


Info Cubic Online allows users and administrators the ability to view account pricing and invoicing online. The system is designed to either mail, fax or transfer invoices electronically by email, set to client's preference and specifications. Account invoicing and payment history is also available for review.

Advanced Security Features

The security of our system and the privacy of your information are of utmost concern to us. We recognize that your business information is your most valuable asset. As such, we have created an industrial-strength bunker-like data center to manage our service. Our password-protected application is much more secure than a desktop-based system. We use the latest security and encryption technology available.

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